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By some standards, many English-speakers, even highly educated ones, mispronounce certain borrowed German words in English. Examples include scientific terms Neanderthal, Loess, brand names Adidas, Deutsche Bank, Porsche, Braun and names in the news Angela Merkel, Jörg Haider. Most informed people prefer the more German-like pronunciation nay-ander-TALL. That's because Neanderthal is a German word and German does not have the th sound of English “the.” The Neandertal the alternate English or German spelling is a valley Tal named for a German by the name of Neumann new man. The Greek form of his name is Neander. How to say German words - free language course with German video and audio helping you with German pronunciation.

11/09/2014 · German sounds are difficult for English speakers to master. It can be tough to shake that English accent—which, unfortunately, is unmistakable to Germans. They can hear us coming a mile away. Perhaps you’ve already tried some tips and tricks to pronounce German correctly, but still find. 27/07/2017 · Any long German word is more than likely several tiny German words strung together. It’s essentially the equivalent of saying “the bigblackdog” in place of “the big black dog”. In fact, when pronouncing these long compounds words in German, you simply need to pronounce every smaller word as if it were separate. Want to learn the top 10 hardest German words to pronounce? In this FREE GermanPod101 lesson, you learn German words and phrases, and get audio lessons. German words spoken by native speakers. It’s been proven that you learn any language faster when you hear natives speak. That’s why our linguists have made listening to natives an essential part of the learning experience. 15/01/2015 · Culture 10 German words non-Germans can't pronounce. There's no doubt about it, German can be a challenge for language learners. With four cases, the grammar is tricky - but the pronunciation can also trip up those who haven't been listening to the language since birth.

10/06/2013 · For those curious how in the world you might pronounce the word, check out this recording. Compound words exist in many languages, but German's grammar construction in particular lends itself to easily tacking on parts to make single words stretch across a page. As a result, the language is rife with lanky terms. 08/01/2013 · The German pronunciation of the word schön. Die deutsche Aussprache von dem Wort schön. 21/05/2017 · In this English pronunciation lesson, I'm going to show you how to pronounce some difficult words. These words are often pronounced incorrectly and are common mistakes that many English students make. This is because the combination of sounds is difficult, or because there are silent letters and syllables. I've chosen these words.

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